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Standard Concrete Interlocking Blocks 600 x 600mm Coping Block Range

1500 x 600 x 600mm Interlocking Coping Block Range

1500 x 600 x 600 Coping Block

Coping blocks offer an effective solution for creating a clean and polished finish between bays, while also preventing cross-contamination of different materials in each bay. The unique design of the coping block, with angled side cheeks, helps to minimize the accumulation of material on top of the block, allowing the excess material to simply drop off as the volume in the stock bay decreases.

Apart from their use as a finishing block between bays, coping blocks can also be used in retaining or free-standing structures, where they serve to make the blocks anti-climb. The steep angle of the side cheeks helps to deter intruders from climbing over the structure, while additional measures such as a fence, railing, or deterrent wire on top of the coping block can make it virtually impossible to climb.

Coping blocks are available in a range of sizes across our various block ranges, including the 800×800, 800×400, 600×600, and 600×300 ranges. With their versatility and practical design, coping blocks offer a smart and reliable solution for a range of construction projects.

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600 x 600mm Coping Block Range

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600 x 600 x 600mm

900 x 600 x 600mm

1200 x 600 x 600mm

1500 x 600 x 600mm

1800 x 600 x 600mm

600 x 600mm Coping Block Range Gallery

600 x 600mm Blocks

(600 x 600 x 600)
Lifting Points: 1
Length: 600mm
Height: 600mm
Width: 600mm
Weight: 500kg
Available Flat Top: Yes