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Rosetta® Grand Ledge Grand Ledge: A Large-Scale, Contemporary Landscape Wall.

Rosetta® Grand Ledge

Grand Ledge Datasheet
Grand Ledge Installation Guide

Grand Ledge

Experience the simplicity and beauty of Grand Ledge – more than just stacked blocks, it’s a man-made masterpiece replicating the allure of snapped limestone. With a consistent 12-inch height and 3-6 feet length, Grand Ledge brings contemporary lines and texture, creating grandiose landscaping walls.

Easy Engineering:

Grand Ledge combines the look of natural snapped limestone with the convenience of engineered installation, providing peace of mind.

Perfect Garden:

Choose flexibility in colour for a Rustic, Timeless, or Contemporary feel, making Grand Ledge the ideal choice for your perfect garden.

Dynamic Aesthetics:

Even from a distance, Rosetta’s Grand Ledge provides a captivating and dynamic look, elevating your landscape effortlessly.


  • The look of natural ledgestone with consistent dimensions for fast installation.
  • 24 unique wall textures.
  • Four additional 4-sided blocks can be used for corners, top blocks, step returns, and freestanding walls.
  • Engineerable wall system with capabilities of 5-6 foot gravity walls with optimal site conditions.
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This stunning decorative product is called Grand Ledge 💙 Interested? Let’s chat ☎️ 01613660909 sales@wotblock.co.uk #wotmix #manchester #retainingwall #constructionlife #retainingwallcontractor #gardening #gardenprojects2022 #gardentok

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Imagine adding beautiful stone steps to your yard! 😍 They would create a smooth and stylish connection between different levels in your landscape. 👉 We offer two styles: Dimensional and irregular. The 4ft and 6ft wide Dimensional steps are our most popular choice. Comment if you have any questions & support our content by giving this video a like 👍 #wotblock #grandledge #rosetta

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Our latest Grand Ledge wall in Sandstone Buff, what do you think? 😍 Are you interested? Please feel free to comment, click on get quote or give Scott a call ☎️ 07825 348859. Support our content by liking this post 👍 & comment if you have any questions Stay tuned, as we'll be posting videos to address some of your questions on Grand Ledge. #grandledge #wotblock

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Rosetta® Grand Ledge Gallery

Wotblock Grand Ledge Installation Gallery

600 x 600mm Blocks

(600 x 600 x 600)
Lifting Points: 1
Length: 600mm
Height: 600mm
Width: 600mm
Weight: 500kg
Available Flat Top: Yes