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45° Slope Interlocking Block Range 800mm 45° Slope Blocks

1600 x 800 x 800 45° Slope Interlocking Blocks Manchester

Main Block 1600 x 800 x 800 45° Slope

The design of the 45-degree blocks helps to prevent the shovel bucket from coming into contact with the wall, allowing the operator to make turns sooner without causing damage to the structure. In addition, the blocks reduce the likelihood of the shovel getting stuck or tipping over, which can be dangerous and costly. By using the 45-degree sloping block on multiple courses of block from the ground up, the benefits of added safety and efficiency are extended throughout the entire block bay structure. Overall, the 45-degree sloping block is a key component in block bay structures, providing added safety and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in industrial sites with heavy machinery and frequent vehicle traffic.

The 45-degree block is a versatile component that can be used for more than just block bay structures. It can also be used between layers in freestanding retaining wall structures, where it helps to give the end profile a more finished look. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the wall but also helps to ensure that the wall is structurally sound and stable. The sloping surface of the block provides a smooth transition between layers, reducing the risk of shifting or cracking. This makes the 45-degree block a useful and practical addition to any retaining wall project.

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800mm Block Range

Download 800mm 45° Slope Range Specifications PDF

800mm 45° Slope Blocks Range

1200 x 800 x 800mm

Main Block 1600 x 800 x 800

2000 x 800 x 800mm

2400 x 800 x 800mm

800mm 45° Flat Top Slope Blocks Range

1200 x 800 x 800mm

Main Block 1600 x 800 x 800

2000 x 800 x 800mm

2400 x 800 x 800mm

45° Slope Blocks Gallery

600 x 600mm Blocks

(600 x 600 x 600)
Lifting Points: 1
Length: 600mm
Height: 600mm
Width: 600mm
Weight: 500kg
Available Flat Top: Yes