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Rosetta® Kodah Kodah Wall: Snapped Limestone Look.

Rosetta® Kodah Wall

Kodah Datasheet

Kodah Wall

Make a bold statement in your landscaping with Kodah Wall. The snapped limestone look adds a modern touch to freestanding, retaining, or garden walls, leaving a lasting impression.

Big Backdrop:

Kodah’s large dimensions and clean lines create a bold background for your outdoor space.

Effortless Install:

Consistent block heights make installation a snap, ensuring your project stays on time and on budget.

Dynamic Design:

With four lengths and the ability to curve, Kodah brings vibrancy to its impressive size.

Elevate your outdoor aesthetic with Kodah Wall and let snapped limestone redefine your space.


  • Unique large scale
  • Modern, linear proportions
  • Retaining walls and double-sided free-standing walls possible with the freestanding block
  • Freshly quarried stone texture compliments a variety of applications
Contact us for more details on ordering Kodah.

Kodah Packaging

Wall pallet:

1100kg’s/pallet 1
18 pieces/pallet
4 unique sizes
24 unique textures

Corner pallet:

24 corners/pallet
Corners are 533L x 266W x 152Tmm

Rosetta® Kodah Wall Gallery & TikTok


(Reuploaded) Kodah is the game-changer for your outdoor scene! 😎The snapped limestone walls bring a bold, modern vibe to your freestanding, retaining, or garden walls, creating a lasting impression. Please comment or send us a DM if you have any questions!! If you’re interested feel free to give us a call! ☎️ Scott, 07825348859 #wotblock #retainingwall #gardenwall #freestandingwall #gardenproject #gardendesignideas #gardentok

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600 x 600mm Blocks

(600 x 600 x 600)
Lifting Points: 1
Length: 600mm
Height: 600mm
Width: 600mm
Weight: 500kg
Available Flat Top: Yes